Monday, February 17, 2014

Cool Creative Things–Waterlogue and Blogshop Class

Note:  For the Bridal Shower Cookies seen on Classic Casual Home click HERERed heart

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day.  It’s hard for me to put away the pink and red hearts.  I just love everything leading up to the day.  One thing I missed this Valentine’s Day were the green hills that would normally be here in February.  Is anyone’s weather what they expected this year?

I’m working on my next project – wedding dress cookies for a bridal shower. I’ve been sketching to try out different skirts and bodices.  I’m far from being a pencil to paper artist so I decided to have some fun playing around with an app called Waterlogue.  People have been using it like crazy on Instagram so I decided to give it a try because it’s so cool.  I love it.  It’s amazing how it transforms a photo into a water color ‘painting’ as you watch.

Here’s the photo with the app.  I’m showing it first so if the photo shows up as a thumb nail on your blog, you’ll have the prettier of the two photos.

Preset Style = Illustration
Format = Medium
Format Margin = Small
Format Border = Sm. Rounded
Drawing = Technical Pen
Drawing Weight = Light
Drawing Detail = Medium
Paint = Natural
Paint Lightness = Darker
Paint Intensity = More
Water = Tap Water
Water Edges = Medium
Water Bleed = Average
Brush = Natural Detail
Brush Focus = Everything
Brush Spacing = Medium
Paper = Watercolor
Paper Texture = Medium
Paper Shading = Light

Below is the original photo.  I feel like I’m showing you what I look like without make-up.  Look quickly then avert your eyes!  I told you I’m not a sketch artist.  My sketches look a LOT better and artsy with the app.

wedding dress cookies orginal

Pets get the Waterlogue treatment quite often on IG.  Here’s my sweet girl.  This was taken at 3 AM when I couldn’t sleep one night.  She was sitting next to me on the sofa on a tan blanket with a blue towel from the clean laundry heap yet to be folded (did I say that outloud?) so I just snapped a photo of her and applied the app to it.  So you can see the photo doesn’t need to be stellar to begin with for it to come out terrific.

Painted in Waterlogue

I also played around with Photoshop (PS) while vegging with a relapse this weekend of whatever I had after New Year’s and never quite got over.  A couple weeks ago I took an online PS class by Blogshop specially for bloggers.  It was more graphic oriented than photo editing which is exactly what I had been looking for. 

Even though I’ve learned the technique of dropping a photo into a shape in other PS classes I’ve taken at my community college, for some reason it clicked listening the the Blogshop girls.  I highly recommend the online class if you’ve got a few bills designated to further your education. 

Here I’ve taken a photo of flowers from my Valentine and dropped it into the heart shape.  They’re the most beautiful purple tulips.  The chocolates are gone but the flowers remain.  :)

flowers heart

What’s coming up next for you?  Are you already onto spring?  St. Patrick’s Day and Easter?  Suddenly I feel behind!

Have a good week!  When the cookies are finished I’ll post photos.  :)


KathyArtist2011 said...

I think your raw sketches are beautiful! But I do think that these art apps are on the way to making painting (whether it's watercolor or oils) accessible to everyone! I can't believe the "watercolor" of the cat!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Thank you Kathy. Is that what they're called, raw sketches? See? I didn't even know that. :) I would love to be gifted in this way. Thank you for stopping by today. :)

AdriBarr said...

Wow. This is beyond cool. Your sketches are wonderful, and then with the APP - I am just bowled over. I have got to check this out. Thanks!

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

You are so talented! I do love that app, too.

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