Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Hissy Fit" Halloween Garland!

I love Halloween decorations whether I'm hosting a big monster mash bash or a small intimate dinner party which I'll be doing this year.

When I was at Paper Source I saw these cute scaredy cat cut-outs.

It's actually a kit of 8 cut-outs and some silver cording but it would be very to easy to make your own.

If I wasn't pressed for time with my NYC trip coming up next week, I would use my large cat cookie cutter to use as a pattern and punch out holes for the eyes and string but I'm sure Martha Stewart has Halloween templates on her website for readers to use like she usually does.

For my own touch I'm adding some festive pom-poms.

I'll show you how to make them!

Supplies Needed:
Sheets of tissue paper ~ colors of your choice
Scissors or X-acto knife
Black twine

3. 4. & 5.

Carefully pull each tissue layer towards the center and fluff.

You can make variegated pom-poms by alternating the tissue layers with different colors.

Next Post:
Halloween Napkin Holder/Place Card

Looking for my
"Halloween Cupcakes/Give-Away?"

They are going to be studio photographed on Monday so look for it the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ouija Board Face Book Edition

I should have known better.
I heard the Ouija Board Face Book Edition was a portal to the past and things unworldly. I heard the stories of people mischievously conjuring up old boyfriends and the like. I just couldn't leave well enough alone, could I? As the bewitching spell of current technology swept over me one night putting me into a zombie-like trance, I registered my name. That's when it happened. I opened the electronic portal to my past. Since then I've been visited by 3 ghosts.
One friendly, one curious and one evil.

The Friendly Ghost ~
A lovely person I was once very good friends with when I was in high school. I went to college and she married too young. Our worlds were, well, worlds apart and as expected we drifted. We once found eachother about 20 years ago but I had kids. She did not. She worked full time. I was a SAHM. We had little in common. She invited me to a reunion of a group we were both involved in then. I couldn't attend but I wouldn't have gone. I like remembering these women as teenagers rather than middle aged women.
I just do.

The Curious Ghost ~
Have you ever wondered if you inadvertently broke a heart you were unaware of?
I think I must have.
This ghost asked me to the prom in high school and I said no (very nicely) since I already had a boyfriend who was coming back from college to go with me but I still would have turned him down. He told me he has been asking about me for 15 years. Coincidentally he is now single. Hmmm. Funny, haven't heard a thing back since I told him I was happily married.
I think he has moved towards the light.

The Evil Ghost ~
The scariest by far.
Being contacted by the 'mean girl' of my youth who was truly evil towards me. So vile in fact that I felt I must have paid my dues in pain and suffering so that my future children would surely be spared. And I was right. At first she sent a confirming message and then a friend request that I choose to ignore although I politely responded asking how she was and made small talk. She asked me where I lived. I told her 'Coto' and she said she almost bought a house here and still might.

Conversing with self: "Uh, did I say 'Coto'? I meant 'Corona'."
(Where the hell did I put that crucifix?)
Note to self: Call priest first thing in the morning.

She wrote back saying she had 3 daughters and was pulling her hair out because, and I quote her - "I don't remember being as bad as they are but I guess maybe I was."

There is a god. Thank you!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Collegiate Cupcakes - CAL

"Does this blue and gold make my back field in motion look big?

This is a collegiate cupcake post with a fashion dilemma.

In a few weeks we're going to the LA Coliseum for the USC vs. Cal game.
And I don't know what to wear.

My fashion dilemma goes much deeper than knowing I don't look good in gold which is one of the colors for both Cal and USC.

In fact, the color is so unflattering to my face that I am even tempted to forgo bringing a pale ale to my lips in the stadium. However, I observe a strict 'say no to alcohol discrimination' policy on game day so if I must be hit with one fashion penalty, this is the one.
No one can say I'm not a team player! ;)

Surprisingly green is causing my conflict of whether I should choose Cal's blue or USC's cardinal to accentuate my golden brew.

Let me explain.

I was born to the Cardinal and Gold.

It's a family thing.

School spirit is defined by color .
There is no grey area.
And I've been bleeding cardinal and gold all my life.

But this is where the green comes in...

Cal is being beary, beary good to our son with his graduate studies and therefore to us. In fact Cal is being so good there is a glimmer of hope of one day replenishing the dream kitchen/travel/emergency liposuction (and no, I haven't but I like the security to know I can and I've learned never say never) fund that took a detour while paying for his bachelor's degree.

What's a USC alumna/Cal mom to do?

When I ventured into the enemy's bookstore for the move-in weekend of son1 I could only bring myself to buy a small decal and that was only because my maternal instincts kicked in to support my child. This weekend I warmed up to a Cal Tervis Tumbler I found in Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Small steps. Small steps. I cannot commit to apparel yet but Mr. P. M. has got that covered as his favorite team is whoever is playing USC (grrrr!) but cupcakes are a big step for me. :)

I don't know if my appreciation for green will dictate my wearing blue on game day but like all tough decisions they can usually be solved over sugar and butter and a cup of coffee so I'm lettin' my cupcakes do the talkin'.

I may wear blue and gold on the outside...

... but I'm cardinal and gold on the inside, baby! ;)

Topper Instructions ~

Toppers are easy to make.
  • Google your college logo, download and print.
  • Cut a larger circle out of a card stock paper (the blue polka dots is scrapbook paper and matches the cupcake wrapper).
  • Using double stick tape or a dab of glue, attach the logo circle to the colored circle.
  • Using a lollipop stick snapped to size, attach the stick to the topper circle with regular tape.
  • You could make a backing with another paper round if you like.
Basic Yellow Cupcake Recipe
Making 1M Tip Swirls

How To Make Jam Filled Cupcakes
Raspberry Filling

I'm participating in Skip To My Lou's
"Made By You Monday"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cupcakes Coming Up!

Over the next week I'll be posting about cupcakes!

There is always a season or reason to make these swell little cakes into something special.

On my schedule are Collegiate Cupcakes that are perfect for a tailgate with a special surprise waiting for unsuspecting friends...

... and Halloween Cupcakes that are festive and simple to make for added color and yumminess to your party table...

... and it will include a Ghoulish Give-Away so you can have some cupcake fun in your kitchen too!

So while I'm baking away have a terrific Tuesday, friends.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

College: On A Scale of 1 To 10 - 2010

1 = :( ............... 10 = :)
and somewhere in between = :/

The Sophomore Year Drop-Off

Anxious to leave and get on the road by 9 AM
Note: It's 10 AM

Son ~ 3 :/ ............... Mom ~ :) 9
Really, what's the hurry?

Campus Village ~

I call it the resort.
New apartment village on the campus, market with gourmet foods and a deli. Jamba Juice, Peet's Coffee, a bagel shop and post office literally steps from his front door.

His building is in the background.
Son ~ 10 :) .............. Mom ~ 10 :)

Room Mates ~

Multi-ethnic. Food will be varied and 'great'.
All friends. Each with his own room.
The triple made from a double is a distant freshman memory.

Son ~ 10 :) ............... Mom ~ 10 :)

A Room With A View ~

The one college boy was hoping to get ...

Son ~ 10 :) ............... Mom ~ 1 =:0

The one he got ...

Son ~ 2 :( ............... Mom ~ 10 :)

Discovering he has his own private rock-lined-window-only-access retreat ~

Son ~ 8 :) ............... Mom ~ 8 :)

Parting Words ~

From Mom ~
"Study hard."
"Eat healthy."
"Get enough sleep."
"We love you."

From Son ~
"See you in November."
"Thanks for everything."
"I love you."
{dust cloud}

Have a wonderful sophomore year, honey bun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The College Section of The Huffington Post

Before I take off for the college drop off I wanted to share some articles from the
'college' section of The Huffington Post
on studying tips and getting enough sleep that could benefit all students of any age.

You'll find the college tab on the blue header. It's easy to find.

The college section lists college trends, campus news, NCAA sports, articles by psychologists, professors, lecturers, economists and college students.

As you can see from the article links below, my area of interest is getting enough sleep.

Now I can send my boys links to the articles of the perils of sleep deprivation without the seemingly eye roll when I remind them to do so when we talk to them on Sunday nights.
Really. I can feel them doing this. I don't need to see it.

It's a completely new medium to nag and I am lovin' it! :)

Here are a few articles this week I found interesting.

Hope you'll find them useful too.

"9 Awesome Studying Tips For College Students"

"Your Performance and The Freshman 8"

(how insufficient sleep effects learning and memory)

"Changing Your Sleep Patterns"

"Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Dorm"
(I know. Ick. But did you know never to put your luggage on the bed in the hotel? Don't want those little critters coming home with you!)

"Five Ways To Ace College Exams"

For High School students ~

"Which College Ranking Set You Should Use"
(Yes, Virginia, there really is more than just the US News & World Report)

Have a great weekend, friends!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 5 Senses of Autumn

As my college boy packs for his sophomore year it feels like autumn.
The metaphor is not lost.
Another takes to the wind dancing like a vibrant leaf leaving branches bare.

I am ready to invite autumn in.

I'll welcome it with a fragrant invitation though the essence of pumpkins and the soft glow of candle light.

I'll treat myself to an appetizer of autumn crispness in a tart apple dipped in caramel sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

I'll feel the softness of down and cashmere curl around my face as the cool night air creeps in my window and rests on my pillow.

And in that stillness I lay warm and content listening to a wayward leaf that has made its way to our doorstep with a hushed crunch.
Soon it'll be inviting its friends to follow.
The word is out.

Wishing you a peaceful and lovely transition into autumn.

I'll return next week after my last leaf catches the wind and settles in for the fall.

candy apples ~ williams-sonoma
cashmere throws ~ williams-sonoma home

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nautical Wedding Part III

Marianne's photographer was also her friend and completely captured the twinkle in her eye and her playful personality. Her pictures are so beautiful and need no introduction or commentary, mine, on the other hand, need all the help they can get as you'll be able to see at the bottom of this post. :)

Beautiful photos by Brittany Dow Photography

Now my photos.
Brittany has no worries.

These are mostly for family but I thought I'd share...

"The bride and groom's future looked so bright..."

or it could have been the 100 degree weather and facing west.

My 'three men and a cousin'.

"Someone's got to try out the margarita machine".
Famous last words by
~ Cousin Andrea and Grandma Jean

Their self-sacrifice was truly touching.

The grand entrance of the sky diving Elvis minister?

Nah, just your typical SoCal hills on fire in September.
Warning: Airplanes may be closer than they appear.
Really. No telephoto lens here.

...and finally what we've all been waiting for...

The Ceremony

The Groom ~ Kenny

The bride's sister, Jen and MOH and next to get married May 2011.

Finally a picture of the bride ~ Mizz!

"Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hiccup & Sneeze".

Truly, she will never have her new last name pronounced correctly again.
It really does sound like a hiccup and a sneeze. Bless you!

Tripping the light fantastic or tripping over the bride's shoes?

Cousins Mizz and Son1.

Cousin Brian.
I think that says it all.

Did I happen to mention this is Mr. P. M.'s side of the family?
Just thought I would. No reason really.

All the grand kids with Grandma.
The day after and all back to 'normal'.

Back to Phoenix, Tucson, NYC, Rancho Cucamonga (it really does exist), and northern Cal.

What a lovely, wonderful day!

Wishing the best of everything for you Mizz and for your Boostsie Man.

Thank you with all my heart for letting me be a big part of your very special day!
I loved it. And you!

Auntie Pasta


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