Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've Been Made!!

'Yo. You talkin' to me... missies'?

Because if you are, I'd like to thank Preppy 101 of All Things Southern and Preppy and Sweet Southern Prep for the fun Preppy Mafia tag that originated on Beth Dunn's blog, Social Climbers. I feel honored to receive this tag from my southern belle friends!
How fun!

Here are my answers to the official questions:

1. Who is your style icon? Princess Grace and my Audrey look-alike friend, Suzi.
2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? It's currently a Dolley Madison Biography. America's premier socialite.
3. Favorite party theme? Exotic Island Fantasy. Drinks with pink umbrellas, tiki decorations, appropriate Tommy Bahama island attire, silly games and island music.
4. Go to Halloween costume? Embarrassed to say but with Mr. PM's cow costume, I am his Jersey Maid girl complete with blond braids and milk bottle prop. It's a best costume winner, believe it or not. What can I say? It moooves me!
5. Extravagance you cannot live without? Sparkly cuff bracelets, lip gloss and music wherever I go.
6. Living person you admire? My MIL. At 87, she is constantly learning, is more techno savvy than I and values her independence. She is incredible.
7. Greatest Fear? I cannot say. I believe in not putting that out into the universe, either verbally or in written form.
8. Trait you deplore in yourself? Worrying, fretting, not trusting in the universal plan.
9. Which talent would you most like to have? It's a tie ~ singing, playing the piano and the ability to draw.
10. Greatest Achievement? Raising two wonderful boys to manhood who are considerate, honest, caring and conscientious gentlemen who are well-mannered. They will always open a door for a lady and hold the door for others. I am hoping they remember to take the position of walking closest to the street when accompanying said ladies on a sidewalk stroll. :)

I tag:

The Posh Mommas

Lily Lemontree
Powderpuffs n Pearls
The Life of A Suburban Princess
North of 25A

Spread the love of the classic style and post your answers and tag others.
The more the preppier... " turned up collar at a time". :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flower Cupcakes

I found this photo of a decorating technique that is applied to a cupcake that is very easy to make even if you don't own a pastry bag and they are definitely kid doable. Looks like they are made with miniature marshmallows cut corner to corner with the exposed sticky side dipped in fine colored sanding sugar and layered in circles around the cupcake top.

I have used this technique to make daisies with large marshmallows where I cut the marshmallows in halves or thirds straight across and not on an angle. This makes for flatter petals. I also kept them white with either no sugar or white sanding sugar or you could even use table sugar. I then used a mini-marshmallow cut in half for the center dipped in yellow sanding sugar. With the daisies I overlapped the layers just a bit. Maybe they looked more like plumerias. :)

Here is how I would decorate them to look like the cupcake photo above:

1. Ice the cupcake first and make a little mound so you have a middle to build upon.

2. Cut the mini-marshmallows on an angle with a scissors and dip the sticky side into colored sanding sugar. If the scissors get too sticky, dust with some corn starch but try not to get corn starch of the newly cut marshmallows or the sugar will not stick.

3. Starting placing the sugared petals on the icing and work from the outside in.

4. When you get to the center, place a few mini-chocolate chips on top.
I have also seen colored mini-chips. How springy!

5. Add some greenery with a few small citrus leaves.

6. Place in a cute wrapper or drop into an additional new paper wrapper.

If you run out of time (or patience), you could make a larger flower per cupcake with the large marshmallows placed on a green iced cupcake base.

How pretty a plate or basket of flower cupcakes would be for Easter!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Preppy Cheesecake!

Oh yum!

By Isaac Mizrahi and Juniors

Sunday, March 28, 2010


After dropping College Boy2 off at Union Station in Los Angeles, we drove around and I took some drive-by photos. I thought I'd share some things I found interesting.

Union Station first...

Union Station on Alameda, built in 1939.
Sexy man in the yellow shirt, built in 1956.

Dark woods, iron and art deco signs create a warm interior in an expansive setting.
The old ticket concourse now sectioned off and silent.Can't you just hear the clicking of heels of the 40's on this marble floor?

The lower part of the walls are covered in tile and travertine. Gorgeous.

There is something about brass signage I just love. It's permanent and historical.

It was an incredible warm spring day so I opened the sun roof and let my chauffeur lead the way.
I was surprised to see so much beautiful ornamentation on the buildings.

I took these photos from the sun roof.

Waiting for the signal. Us, and the birds.

Every time we go into LA, Mr. PM has to say, "I remember when City Hall was the tallest building". E-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e! This building has good memories for him as it is located near Parker Center where his Dad worked. His Dad was LAPD as was his grandfather.
We were not stopped for this shot.
I cannot believe it came out centered and straight!

Next we hit Chinatown a few streets over.
There was another dragon on the other side. Very cool.

To me, this is a quintessential LA scene on the eastern side of town. One can enter Chinatown from Cesar Chavez which runs near Olvera St. two streets over. Dodger Stadium sits just up on the hill to the left. Did you know Olvera St. was LA's first where the city was founded in 1781?
This part of the city is so multi-cultural. I just love it.

My Dad also worked close by so it is an area I am familiar with from my youth.
Turns out Mr. PM and I both used to go to Little Joe's with our dads for lunch.
It was an Italian restaurant in the heart of Chinatown.
We drove by to pay homage as it's doors closed long ago but the building and sign are still there.

Olvera St. and the surrounding area was very busy today being Palm Sunday. Vendors were selling braided palm fronds on the street with a picture attached to them. Next Sunday is the blessings of the animals, an Easter tradition since 1930. I wish I had taken pictures but didn't think to grab my camera when we were over there after lunch at Phillippe's.

More Chinatown.The orchid trees were blooming.

Very auspicious architecture where the chi flows up from the upturned roofs.

Tourists. Geesh! :)

Wait! Mr. PM found a T-Mobile store and pulled over in front of this building and left the car running with the windows down! I looked up through the sun roof and saw this wonderful site! Jackpot!

This little cherub was looking right at me and I swear he knew I was parked in a 'loading only' zone!

His friend on the other side was more preoccupied with a dove.

Another noteworthy detail.
There were two of these skulls flanking the doorway.
A little unsettling, no? I wonder what the story was here.

Not surprised to find this filming notice on the door.
I should have gone up to read it but I was looking at every person walking by the car as a potential carjacker. "Dorothy, you're not in South OC anymore".
I finally turned off the car and got out to take this shot.
The icons in this window were right next door to the building above.
Such extremes. I loved the dichotomy.

We then headed to the east valley where Mr. PM and I grew up.
This was the end of my street. I saw this every morning on my way to school from kindergarten through to high school graduation and beyond. I know it means nothing to anyone else but it feels like home when I look at it. :)

My grandfather used to tell my mom if she ever got lost to look for the mountains and she'd know which way was north. I always knew my way because of this story.

We even went to our old high school since we attended the same one. We walked around and it is very different now, of course. We talked to some nice boys hanging around and told them we were alums from 36 and 35 years ago. I think we shocked them with the numbers.
They said we had their respect. Very cute.

Senior Court is gone but as we walked around where it used to be, Mr. PM said he was suddenly feeling that same warmth and tingling feeling he had when we talked there in 1974 and he was given the epiphany he was going to marry me. I told him he must be kidding or nuts but he said he wasn't and grabbed me and kissed me.
It kind of spooked me but whatever he was feeling, me likey!

Reminiscing makes one hungry (maybe that's what he was feeling at the high school), so we went to Twohey's (former drive-in and big date-after-football-game hangout) where we had the onion rings, burgers and sundaes of our youth. I remember eating all three back then without any weight gain repercussions. Tonight? Not so lucky.

Then we drove down Huntington Dr. (one of my favorites) past the church where we were married at in San Marino. Still beautiful especially in the moonlight. We wound our way up through San Marino and So. Pasadena driving up El Molino where I played tour guide and showed off the Father of The Bride house which was lit magnificently. The citrus blossoms were heavy in the air around every corner. This is my favorite time of year in this area for this reason alone. I could have driven till dawn listening to oldies on KRTH with the windows down cupping the fragrant night air with my hand as it rode the currents .

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Green Flash List

Tomorrow completes spring break for us.

College Boy1 has already left and College Boy2 leaves tomorrow.

The day before they leave is the hardest for me. I tend to sulk internally knowing what is coming. This past week everything was as it should have been, selfishly, for me. There were home cooked meals around the kitchen table, dinner at the sushi bar where the owner/chef was happy to see us walk in all together, the ironing board made one of its trimester appearances, multiple trips to the grocery store were made once with a son in accompaniment much to my amazement. A Rice Krispies Treats kitchen date was requested by the other son where I was to teach him the secret to why he thinks my recipe is the best he has ever tasted.
There is no secret.
That is the lovely part.

Last night I saw my son laugh so hard where no sound was forthcoming but only tears. I have never seen him this way before to see that expression on his face. It was over the silliest thing the three of us were talking about and was one of those instances of complete happiness where I felt a tingle in the air. A moment where I pray that if I do get to see my life flash before me at my passing I will relive how I felt at that moment. It would be on my Green Flash List right before my sun sets.

I have a running list ~ the sun on my boys' hair when they were in my arms as toddlers, gliding over crimson water at sunset that seamlessly echoed the sky, a hand written letter from my husband where my emotions could not be contained.

It really is about the little things and I'm grateful I slowed down this week and turned around last night to add yet another to my list.

So grateful.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday!

I saw these on Parcel Post.

The blog accompanies a stationery store in Venice, CA that I would love to visit one day. The west side of LA however is like a million miles away from Orange County. Not really actually, but there are no left turn lanes in LA with green arrows! What would I do?!? My nephew who lives in the heart of the city accuses me of not wanting to leave "The OC" for this reason alone.
Maybe he's right.

Anyway, the red, white and blue repeating band on one of the notes reminded me of airmail stationery from the late 60's. The paper sheet was all inclusive acting as the blank page for your letter but with sides, top and bottom folded in, would transform to become the envelope. The postage was already printed on the front and it had to be bought at the post office. It was special and it was an occasion to use it. It was bound for exotic places outside of suburbia and waiting for its foreign counterparts to return from my pen pals in New Zealand and Canada was just as exciting.

Do you ever send a hand written letter with multiple pages anymore?

Does anyone remember when airmail was the means to send a letter overseas?

Am I just really, really old? Don't answer that one.

Just wondering in my flashback. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Channeling January Jones

Some people just do sunglasses well. January Jones is one of them.

Whether as Betty...

or herself...

In Oliver Peoples
She always looks classic and timeless.

I have a love affair with sunglasses and own way too many.

I have always been drawn to the classic Wayfarer look but they were too masculine and big for me until...
this season Ray-Ban made a smaller version.

I found mine at Nordstrom. Black on black. Love them.
They come in a variety of colored frames and lenses.

I found the Ray-Ban site hard to navigate so I went to ShopStyle to look around but Nordstrom, Macy's and Bergdorf have the smaller style just in time for something new this spring.

Now back to my blogging break!

Hope you are enjoying your week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Nephew's Wedding

Waiting for the ceremony to begin. Scott's lovely Leala.

Laura's Andreas.

An other newly engaged niece, Jennifer, who just got her ring on Thursday night! She is Mizz's sister. Mizz got engaged 10 days ago! Stayed tuned for many more family weddings!

My boys escorted their Grandmother.

The proud parent's of the groom.

Sister Laura is all smiles.

Brothers Scott and Todd.

The bride's mother's face full of love watching her grandchildren, the ring barer and flower girl.

Ryan sees his bride for he first time.

The country club was exclusively ours for the wedding, every nook and cranny.
The main reception was held in this beautiful outdoor courtyard.
It was exquisite.
There was a fireplace behind the sweetheart's table which was lit in the evening.

The heights of the flowers on the table were varied creating lovely visual interest.
Where there were tall arrangements, up lights created a soft ambiance along with the votives.

Cafe lights were strung across the courtyard with the olive trees wrapped in tiny white lights.

The candy bar reflected the fresh spring colors of the day and was very popular.
I filled my white bag with delicious Jordan almonds.

Just beyond the arches was the grass area where the ceremony took place. To the left was the open area bar with 2 huge fireplaces. I kept thinking if I had a villa I wouldn't change a thing.
At night, the entire Phoenix valley sparkled from a distance from our remote location.

Uh, I have NO idea who these... uh... people.. are.

I didn't think it was possible for the day to be any more magical but when the sun set, it was.

Very magical, indeed.

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