Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to Shabby Chicks for the wonderful give-away gifts.

The flips flops are fabulous
(and she made the crystal adornments!)
Talent and beauty, what a gal!

10 Things "No One Knows About Me" Tag

I was tagged by Pink In A Sea Of Blue to list 10 things about me that people might not know. 'Pink' was also the winner of my give-away last week. We both have a son with the same name. I bet you didn't know that! :)

I do not get my nails 'done'. I'm a hands on kinda gal and I'm too active to keep a manicure looking nice and I don't like to commit to weekly appointments for anything.

I am a commensurate list maker when I am entertaining for a dinner or party. I make pages of them and even make a time table and work my way backwards to when I have to start my day's errands and preparation work.

I pack late at night the day before a trip. When it comes to travel I do not plan well.

I hate emptying the dishwasher.

I love the smell of a paperback and will flip the pages while I'm reading and drink in summer.

I honeymooned in New England for 3 weeks in autumn and always wished I had lived there or on the east coast.

I tend to procrastinate but to my credit I work best under pressure.

I am becoming even more conservative, if that is possible (or rigid?) as I 'mature.'

In my early 20's, I once borrowed my Irish coffee cup as a souvenir from the Buena Vista in San Francisco that I have not returned yet. It is the only souvenir I have ever 'borrowed' and now I feel like a derelict.

I was born in Los Angeles in The French Hospital in Chinatown and was delivered by my uncle.

I would love to read your Top 10, so please grab this tag and play along!

"1,2,3" - Gloria Estefan

Monday, June 29, 2009

Crab Season.

If your man is going to wear critters this summer....

Please, wear these ...

Not these!

I don't know about you but this reminds me of a subtle PSA in middle school.

Theme to Deadliest Catch - "Wanted Dead or Alive" - Bon Jovi


Just once I'd like to own a pair of CL red soled shoes.

I really do love these.

So Audrey. Even without the kitten heal.

Perfect for the destination wedding this week.

And speaking of Audrey, would you like to play a little game today? If you listen to "Une Very Stylish Fille" on the sidebar or on the video, can you tell which Audrey movie the lines are from and who said them?
I'm not going to tell ~ yet. :)

Have a very stylish day.

UPDATE: The voice overs are Patricia Neal and George Peppard from Breakfast at Tiffany's when they are in his apartment.

"Une Very Stylish Fille" - Dimitri From Paris

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank You For Celebrating With Me!

I'd like to thank everyone who entered my give-aways for the month of June.

I had a great time and you made it so much fun celebrating my month of festivities. I have some wonderful new blogs to begin reading from you leaving lovely comments. Thank you for all of them and for your enthusiasm, sense of adventure and fun!

So without further ado ~

The winner of the "Come Fly With Me" Give-away is ...
ink In A Sea of Blue.

(Coffee, Tea or Me just came in from Amazon today and I haven't even opened the box yet.
I'm so excited to take a small peek!)

True Random Number Generator 1 63 53

Friday, June 26, 2009

How Could I Resist?

After all our celebrations last week I have been in an 'after-parties-let-down funk' and have resorted to eating mass quantities of dark chocolate and chips and salsa as college boy returned to Boston and the new graduate headed for the hills with his gf's family to camp. Suddenly, I was faced with my first real taste of the empty nest. I hated it. To trade one vice for the other I crossed over to the dark side of retail therapy of the pink kind where there is little hope of turning back.

When I saw these Kate Spade letterpress invitations I could not resist. I bought 2 packages not because they were on sale or that I have any intention of throwing a summer cocktail party since I could not part with them, but they met 3 criteria at that moment in time:
1. Stationery
2. Pink cocktail parasols
3. Pink tissue lining

They are cute and flirty, but really ~ I have rationalized my purchase by saying even if I don't send them out as invitations I can cut off the 'You're Invited' and use them for note cards. Never mind they will then fall short in the envelope. This is an emotional malady, remember. There is no common sense apparently.

My second purchase to attempt to feel in the pink again was this lovely KS cosmetic bag. I ordered it from the sample sale and it is perfect all wrapped up in tissue and the brass pull protected. What is a sample sale anyway if the item is new and perfect? I didn't know what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised by that, however, in my hazy funk I misread the price and thought I bought it for $35 when in fact the price was $53. I didn't want it that badly. I don't think I even wanted it at all. I have oodles of cosmetic bags. I hope it likes its new home in the closet still wrapped up in its tissue and plastic finery. We need to have alone time together to bond and become close. I'll bring the chocolate, chips and salsa.

Please tell me I am not flying solo with questionable shopping decisions.

"Come Fly With Me" Give-Away Ends Tonight!

If you haven't signed up yet ~ Welcome Aboard!

I wonder if they served hot dogs on a stick and lemonade on this flight.

Final boarding call ~ midnight, pacific.

'Thank you for flying the friendly skies of Pink Martinis and Pearls.
We have enjoyed having you join us'

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Perfect Summer Hostess Gift

This scent is so fresh and summery it reminds me of stepping off the plane at Kona on the Big Island and having a lei of plumerias placed around my neck with a pina colada in hand. I long for this treatment again.

In the meantime, here is my replacment ~
It is a limited edition collection from philosophy.
The kit and 3-in-1 bath gel are only selling though Sephora from what I was told.

~ Shower Gel
~ Body Lotion
~ Lip Shine

I love this so much I bought two!

The body lotion alone is available at philosophy.com.

Truly, a lovely scent and the packaging of the kit is so cute who wouldn't love to receive this as a gift!

"Here's to Kate."

I love vintage cocktail paraphernalia and although these are not vintage they give just the look for a classic cocktail party that I would be looking for.

Kate Spade Vintage Cocktail Invitations, $25
~ hand engraved
~ set of 15
~ silver and gold lined envelopes
~ please invite responsibly.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Dooney & Bourke Bag & Tote...

I am ready to pull up anchor
and sail away into the sunset.

Small Samantha Bag $111
Many colors and different styles ~
all with hot pink lining

Throw me a bone!

Scottie Dog
East/West Tote $175
Royal Stewart lining
Comes in black and white also.

So cute!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Come Fly With Me" Week 4 Give-Away

uckle up and put your trays and seats in their upright position..."

... because we are taking off for the final flight of
"All Things Summer Give-Away!"

We're going to bring some color, style and fun to the 'friendly skies.'

Once upon a time, travel was considered refined and exotic.
People used to dress up to go places and it was special.
Gentleman always donned a coat and tie and ladies were never seen without heels and a hat box. Perhaps our only vivid accounts of this gracious style of traveling is predominately seen in old movies but I also once owned a hat box to travel with and never left home without it.

My adventures with my hat box consisted of filling it with walnuts in their shells and telling my mom I was leaving home for good. I was 5. I walked down to the corner of my street and since I was not allowed to cross it alone I had to come back home.

Years later, I got the travel bug again from seeing Grace Kelly's Mark Cross over night case in Rear Window when she opened it and lifted out her gossamer negligee and satin slippers to Jimmy's delight. (see clock at 3:17)
Her case made me long for sleep overs just so I could do what she did!
Gotta love her bracelets too!

Society is more casual today and travel bags are more travel friendly and lighter but that doesn't mean we can't be globe trotters without some color and panache of our own.

"Boarding those first with good taste....."
You'll have it made in the shade with this Vera Bradley padded glass case for your over-sized Jackie O's. Can you say 'Mykonos?'

As blue as the wild blue yonder! "Woosh!"

Packing the jewels into your check-in bags? Sacrilege!
Mother has to know where her children are.
This VB jewelry case is petite enough to fit right into your bag or tote.
It has two zippered interior pouches and two slip-in compartments. Perfect for a weekend jaunt.

And while you are waiting for your plane to leave the tarmac and the kids behind you are kicking your seat, you can read "Coffee, Tea or Me".

A fun and nostalgic confessional by two stewardesses (when flight attendants were still called stewardesses) of how travel used to be in the golden age of airline travel (1967), when small children were almost non-existent on flights, pilots looked damn fine in uniform and the smoking section was in the back of the plane and no one seemed to care.

What is this
in the overhead bin? A stow-away gift?
I think there is room for a standby to be added before we close the cabin door.

Pack This!

You will never forget your cell phone charger or sunscreen again because you'll have 60 sheets of reminders of what to bring!
It also gives you stellar travel advice:
'bring half of what you think you need, and twice as much money.'
Are you adventurous enough to check the 'unknown' box in the destination window?
I knew you would be!

Waiting for your luggage as it taxis round on the carousel? Looking for the thread of red ribbon on the handle that was so last century? Rev up the style on those black ballistic bags (how did I know?) and give it a little retro spin with these luggage tags...

"We all have our baggage."
"I love not camping."
(tote not included - sorry.)

"Welcome to the friendly skies of
Pink Martinis and Pearls Airlines."

1 Entry = Leave 1 Comment & check your bags.
2 Entries = Become a passenger (follower) on the Pink Martinis and Pearls Airlines.
3 Entries = Link to this give-away and receive a virtual First Class Seat!

"We are so happy you will be flying with us today."
"We will be serving pink martinis as soon as we reach flying

"Final boarding call..." Friday, June 26th - midnight, pacific

UPDATE:The winner of the "Come Fly With Me" Give-away is ...
ink In A Sea of Blue.


True Random Number Generator 1 63 53

For your listening pleasure on this flight - "Come Fly With Me" & "Fly Me To The Moon" - Frank

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Pomp & Circumstance 2009"

This has been an incredible journey with our son.
He took the road less traveled.
And it was not always an easy one to navigate.

The journey was not casually planned or without thought and goal setting. It was many years in the making and his commitment and sacrifices are something to be very proud of. Often he had to make choices and decisions that were difficult for a young man when others were seemingly having more fun with free time. He had to work hard to meet his goals and this meant studying more than movie nights out with friends. It meant trying to learn time management when it did not come naturally. It meant not bowing under pressure when others wanted more from him than he could give without giving up what was important to himself. It meant trying to find a balance in his life when sometimes that seemed impossible.

He earned the distinction as being one of 70 students out of over 700 who graduated with a 4.0 or higher giving him the honor to wear a white graduation gown and the valedictorian medal.

Less were the number of students who earned the California Scholarship Federation Lifetime Membership where strict academic qualifications were met for every semester of high school thus giving him the distinction of wearing the gold cords and pin.

Son2 lives by the pillars set by the National Honor Society of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship giving him the honor of wearing the blue stole and serving as president of this organization this past year.

He earned the respect and friendship of his principal.

And the admiration of his peers as he was voted by the senior class,
'Most Likely To Help Grandma Across The Street.'
(so true.)

We could not be more proud as he turned his tassel to become a graduate and was given the illustrious Pink Martinis and Pearls title of "College Boy 2!"

I think son2 was very proud of his accomplishments this year but if you were to ask him what is important in his life he would say...

...and the "Fearsome Foursome."
(unfortunately, we could not find the forth afterwards)...
...his music friends and the memories shared...
... love...

...and family

So let the celebrations begin!

...and Congratulations to our wonderful, beautiful boy.

You make us proud every single day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"One-Day-Only Birthday Give-Away"

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating because for the last 6 months I thought I was going to be a year older than I actually am! Unbelievable, yet true so I'm having a
pecial One Day Only give-away"
while I still remember I am having a birthday!!!

Finding this blogging community has added so much sparkle to my life that I'd like to give you something that sparkles in return.

I have been eying this crystal heart key chain bauble from Z Gallerie for some time now and last night I bought it because now is the time!
I love the rollo links and it is so sparkly and I want you to have it, really I do.

The entry is simple but with a twist - this is for sidebar followers (you can sign up if you aren't already) and whoever leaves a comment with the time stamp or guess closest to the time I was born ~ wins! Hint: think 'daytime' so this leaves it wide open.

Things I will be doing today to celebrate:
1. put out rectangle tables
2. cut cloths to size
3. make cupcakes, icing and decorate
4. buy all food and drinks
5. hang up foil stars
6. get flowers and make arrangements
7. set tables and chairs outside
8. candles in lanterns and hang
9. assemble paper lanterns and put aside
10. wrap gifts
11. call gate with the guest list
12. fill pathways lamps with oil
13. make appetizers
14. confirm with caterer
15. spot all serving pieces with utensils on the tables

Sounds like a great party, doesn't it?
Although I am not the guest of honor I couldn't be more happy.
Tomorrow is graduation day for son2 and I will gladly spend my day getting ready for his.
It's what we do as moms. :)

Remember my "Poolside Party Give-Away" ends on Friday at midnight, pacific.

UPDATE: As my mother would say, "It was cold and cloudy all week and then on Monday,
June 17th at 11:18 AM the sun came out."

Congratulations Nikki Cogg who guessed 11:41 AM! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nantucket Bicycle Baskets

If you've ever rented a bicycle on the island chances are you rented one from Young's Bicycle Shop. I love the look of natural baskets on bikes. Since last going to Nantucket a couple years ago it has been my intention to order one and since it wouldn't look good on a mountain bike, I'd like to use it to hold incoming mail in my laundry room. Just a little piece of the island where it's least expected.

European Market BasketThis basket can be taken off the handle bars and used for shopping and then replaced by using hooks.
I love this.

Nantucket BasketSpeaks volumes of summer.
Has the slight feel of the Lightship baskets with the tight weave.

Split Ash Basketan outdoor silverware caddy...
or put by the phone for those odds n' ends?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

$10 Lands End Tote!!!!

Wow! I can't believe this!
(sorry the pic is so small)

Strong cotton canvas, patent leather trim
  • Hidden inside snap closure
  • Three interior pockets, one outside
  • Durable cotton twill full lining
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Monogramming available
UPDATE: The pricing has now changed on the tote. Some colors are still at $10.00 and some are at $19.99. Monogram is $5.00 with a single initial. Thanks to Ronda for keeping me up to date on the price changes. :) xoxo

UPDATE 2 (6-19)
I bought the royal blue trim bag and it is great. The canvas is a more flexible weave than the LL Bean. The patent trim is a very nice addition and gives the tote some distinction. The snap closure is a convenient feature and the tote is lined. A total bargain!!

Give-Away Week 3 "Poolside Party."

WINNER UPDATE: Congratulations to "Chelle"
You've made a big splash!

78 Entries

Keep the kiddies at home, grab your shades and a good book because we're lounging by the pool

for Week 3 of my birthday month's
"All Things Summer" Give-Away.

Pull up an extra chaise because Tommy Bahama is coming with us and there's a 'hula shakin' going on' with the 40's inspired retro hula girl beach towel.

And for that trashy summer novella that is perfect for the poolside and even better if you'd be embarrassed if anyone saw you reading it ~
A Vera Bradly paperback cover.

Shhhh. I won't tell if you let me borrow it. ;)

Smoothie or hi-ball time?
Tervis Tumbler is the only way to go poolside for either. Everything tastes better with a pink flamingo on your cup where the liquid stays 'in your cup and not on your condensation-free hands'. I ordered one specially for you and one for the cabana boy to keep you company.
Be nice and share now. ;)

2 - 16 oz. tumblersAnd every cup needs a napkin if only to set it off properly~
The Signature...

"Oh, Pool Boy! I'll have another."
cocktail napkins

because sometimes it's just too much effort to ask.

Dive in Divas and make a

1 Entry ~ Dip your toe in and leave a comment.

Extra Entry ~ Dive off the deep end and sign up to be a Follower on the sidebar.

Extra, Extra Entry ~ A perfect '10' for your swan dive! Grab the bathing beauty or any of the items pictured in this post with a link back to the give-away from your blog.

The pool closes Friday, June 19 at midnight Pacific.

Good luck to all!

"Splish Splash" - Bobby Darin
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